What is Mattress Topper? – Best Mattress Toppers to Buy

In recent years mattress toppers are gaining more market fame and presence but there are still many queries regarding this and many are still confused about what actually it is. This article will clear all your doubts and will explain to you all about Mattress Toppers, why should you consider it and when one actually wants to buy this.

All About Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is actually a removable layer that is present on the top of the mattress which provides support and cushioning. It is easy for use and put over. Some toppers are present on the top but some other toppers have straps which keep them moving around the bed.

All About Mattress Toppers image
All About Mattress Toppers image

Importance of Mattress Toppers

The important goal of mattress topper is to give more comfort to the mattress or address the mattress limitations. A good mattress topper can add additional support to the mattress which is softer. It also gives luxurious softness by not taking the support from the Mattress. A few years ago, most of the Mattress Toppers were thin feather beds or egg crate form. But in recent times, the popular type of Mattress Toppers are made up of memory foam which provides adjustment to your preferred sleep position, helps in relieving pressure and alleviates turning and tossing in bed.

The main benefits of Mattress Foam Toppers compared to foam rubber or goose down are many. Memory foam is more comfortable and is more durable than foam rubber. Memory foam Mattress also gives more support compared to goose down and even doesn’t have any allergy issues.

Reasons to buy Mattress Toppers

There are 2 main reasons to buy mattress toppers. They are

  1. Remedy a shabby, sagging Mattress.
  2. Make a firm Mattress softer.

Comparison of Mattress toppers and Mattress Pads

The terms Mattress Pads and Mattress Toppers are interchangeably used often but to speak technically, they are not the same. Mattress Pads are generally thin layers of material which are used to protect the Mattress from bacteria, dust mites, and moistures. Even though the cushioning is not the main purpose of Mattress Pads, it still provides added comfort. Mattress Toppers are one of the type of thick mattress pad that provides comfort to sleepers and even protection.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are made of different materials. Depending on the type of material the cons and pros will change. If you are allergenic to some type of materials like feathers or latex, it’s worth to use some other type of mattress. Different types of mattress toppers are:

Polyester-blend and cotton mattress toppers

cotton mattress toppers image
cotton mattress toppers image

This type of mattress is one of the cheapest types in the market. This gives the feeling like sleeping on the featherbed topper which is light and usually breathable. They are easily worn out. The fills move from one side to another side which is unable to give comfort for a long time and it provides less comfort.


Latex toppers

Latex toppers image
Latex toppers image

This type of mattress toppers is made from a natural material which naturally has resistant power to bacteria and dust mites. It is hypoallergenic except for the people who suffer with latex allergy.  It is the more expensive topper compared to all other type of mattress toppers. Its color fades and crumbling after a longer period of time due to oxidation.


Wool toppers

Wool toppers image
Wool toppers image

This type is one of the expensive toppers in the market. They are of thermal regulating and it is not as common as other materials.


Feather toppers

Feather toppers image
Feather toppers image

This type of topper is the softest topper in the market. This also has a similar feeling like feather filled duvet. Like polyester blend and cotton mattress, the feathers easily get lumped from one side than another side. Therefore looses giving relevant support for the body. Feathers can leak out and even fabric goes out as well.

Memory foam toppers: this type provides good support and even comfort. It is soft and supportive. Memory foam has the ability to mold according to the body and distributes eventually sleeper’s weight. This reduces the partner disturbance also.


Best Mattress Toppers to Buy

Now a day’s toppers sold are made from a wide range of materials such as wool, feather, memory foam, latex, and wool. The price varies from one type to another type, depending on the composition of material but eventually, all the options are much cheaper than buying a new mattress. There are some of the best mattress products based on the customer review and their own experience and based on product research and analysis. The best mattress toppers to buy:

  1. Plush beds natural latex topper
  2. Best value topper- Milliard gel memory foam mattress toppers
  3. Luxury topper- avocado green natural latex topper
  4. Best latex topper- latex pure green natural latex topper
  5. Best feather topper- Canadian down and feather company down
  6. Wool topper- sleep and beyond my merino topper
  7. Best memory foam topper- nest bedding Alexander signature cooling topper
  8. Best fiber topper- the lucid plush fiber bed topper
  9. Convoluted poly foam topper- beauty rest 5- zone convoluted foam topper.

Plush beds natural latex topper

Highlights of this type are they have multiple firmnesses and many thickness options, cool organic cotton cover, aerated natural latex, and gives pressure relief. As the name itself says natural latex topper they are extracted from 100% natural latex material. So this type has more durability, and longer lifespan when compared to other models. These are available in 2 inches and 3 inches profiles, and they have four form settings- soft, medium firm, medium and extra firm. This topper is a good choice for sleepers with neck, back, and shoulder pain. The latex will be very near to the body and aligns the spine without excessively sinking. It is good for all the weight groups.

Milliard gel memory mattress topper

It is medium soft, has cool, bamboo-rayon cover, and gel-infused memory foam and has great durability with low price. It is the best value pick due to its fewer prices. The topper is 2’’ thick and is medium soft which is suitable for side and back sleepers in the light and for average weight groups. This also isolates the motion transfer very well and does not produce any sound while bearing weight. In addition to gel infused memory foam, this also comes with a cover which is made up of breathable rayon from bamboo that has the ability to absorb the body heat and makes to sleep quite cool. It is good for a sleeper with side, stomach, and back pain. This suits for average and lightweight people.

Avocado green natural latex toppers

It has multiple firm options, natural Dunlop latex, with a 10-year warranty, breathable and body conforming. The avocado green natural latex topper has a higher price than average, which is suitable for people with a high budget, but it gives comfortable pressure relieving experience. This topper is made from eco-friendly materials and has an organic cotton cover. This type of topper helps to reduce pains and aches in the neck, lower back, shoulders and other parts which are prone to discomfort by hugging the sleeper’s body without sagging. It is most suitable for only one sleeper. Good for people who tend to sleep hot. It is good for every weight group.

Sleep on latex pure green natural latex topper

Sleep on latex is eco-friendly for many reasons. This topper is available in 1 inch, 2 inches and 3 inches which is soft, medium and firm and is suits for sleepers with different heights, weights, and more comfort preferences. It is good for all the type of sleepers.

Canadian down and Feather Company down perfect feather bed

It is soft, down and feather fill. It has exceptional cushioning and temperature neutrality. This type of toppers is suitable for people who prefer soft layers. It is good for back and side sleepers. It is good for people who prefer to sleep in softer surfaces.

Sleep and beyond my merino topper

Wool is the popular topper because it keeps cool and absorbs moisture during the hot times of the year. This type is made from organic merino wool, which regulates temperature when compared to other types of wool. This type of topper is above average price. This gives comfort to the people who sleep in cold or hot depending on time.

Nest bedding Alexander signature cooling topper

Sleeping hot is general complaint those who buy memory foam toppers. The Alexander signature cooling topper removes this issue with gel infused memory foam core which is able to absorb the heat and sleeps cool when compared to other models. Another issue with some of the toppers is stability where Alexander signature cooling topper is built with straps on all four corners in order to keep it in one place.

Beauty rest 5-zone convoluted foam topper

It is egg crate polyfoam for strong and body-cradling support, it has better durability when compared to other models. This type is good for low cost even though the life span is shorter than average. It is good for back and side sleepers. It gives relief to back, shoulder, hip and neck pain for sleepers.

The following factors are very important for best mattress toppers to buy:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Density
  • Firmness
  • Durability
  • Motion isolation
  • Allergy potential

To buy the best mattress toppers read all the online mattress topper reviews and purchase the better mattress topper which suits you the best and resolves all your pains such as the neck, head, shoulder, hip and many other problems where you feel comfort and relief and has long durability. For more information on mattress toppers reviews, keep visiting our Best Cheap Mattresses portal regularly.

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