How to buy Best Mattress for you? – Mattress Buying Guide

Having a good sleep is very essential to stay happy and healthy. But buying a mattress without the proper research is not recommended. If you are searching for the best mattress buying guide. Then this is the right place to clarify all your queries here. It is very important to check whether the mattress is worthy for investment or not.

Best Mattress Buying Guide

Know the different types of mattress available in the market. Also, know the different sizes of mattress available. Compare various types and also know the important points required to consider while buying a Mattress. This guide will help you to solve all the problems and also to clear all the doubts regarding the mattress.

Best Mattress Buying Guide image
Best Mattress Buying Guide image

How to Choose Best Mattress?

We are providing the important points to check while buying the mattress. There are various points to think over to end up with the perfect mattress. The important points are as follows.

1. Research about Mattress before going shopping

The first step you need to follow through Best Mattress Buying Guide is research. Research online is essential before going to buy the Mattress. To research the Mattress, the people should gain the knowledge by searching the various sites. It is also important to take suggestions even from the people who have already used it. Know various features and also specifications to buy the best mattress.

2. Talk to your doctor

If you have a bad health condition, then consult physical therapist or doctor about what she or he recommends. Your symptoms and medical condition will probably have some advice from that point of view to choose the best mattress.

3. Watch out for gimmicks

Mattress sellers will label mattress as “medically-approved” or “orthopedic”, but there is no medical consultation that officially certifies the mattress to carry these labels. No medical group has verified it but may have orthopedic friendly features.

4. Take the mattress for the test drive

As per Best Mattress Buying Guide, next thing you need to do is a test drive. While shopping for a good mattress, check the comfort level of the mattress by lying on the mattress in the store for at least 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

5. The best firm to select which satisfies your comfort level

Think twice or thrice before buying a firm or hard mattress. As some of the research as are shown that the best mattress for back pain is the medium firm mattress rather than the full firm mattress. There is a difference between a firm feel and firm support. Comfort level will be determined by personal preference.

6. Pillow tops are  for everyone

Lightweight individuals don’t need thick pillow top mattresses because they do not weigh too much to compress the firm or to touch the underlying support system or coils. On the flip side, heavier or larger individuals tend to feel most comfortable with the little extra cushion between the coils and them.

7. Search for the adjustable beds which serve a great option

If you find more comfortable sitting in recliner then lying down then go for an adjustable bed. This adjustable bed will allow you to elevate your knees and head slightly to relieve pressure on lower back. You can also create the same effect by using the pillows.

8. Ask for the guarantee periods and also the trial periods

Many of the states are still alive the retailers to give them a comfort guarantee. So check all the guarantee options as said in this Best Mattress Buying Guide before going to buy a mattress.

9. Protect your investment

Some type of stains will remain which ruins your warranty so don’t forget about some waterproof mattress protector.

10. Check all the variations and options

Give yourself a sample test even though if the salesman does not offer you the one. Ask for plush, pillow top and firm of same brand and price point. Try to lie on each for 10 2 15 min. When you find some type of mattress is more comfortable then ask for more mattress in the same brand. Shop in such a store that is specialized in a mattress: salesperson at some stores which are specialized for mattress have complete training about each and everything about the particular and the sleep position also. Prefer such a store where it has all the brands.

Mattress Guide for Beginners

Finding some new mattress is little confusing and a frustrating process. Choosing a mattress based on price, material composition, quality, and some other factors require product research, it is not an easy task. There are many brands and retailers offering new brands day by day online. Check this Best Mattress Buying Guide to choose easily.

Mattress Guide for Beginners image
Mattress Guide for Beginners image

When should you need to replace the Mattress??

You need to buy a new mattress if your old mattress is older than 7 years. There are many factors that affect the lifespan of the mattress. aired and Latex mattress types are more durable when compared to another mattress. But the durability of the mattress generally depends on the sleeping habits that is if it is used daily then it will deteriorate quicker than the one mattress that is used less. However, the general rule to replace mattress is for every 7 years. Some mattress provides you with more comfort and support when you are compared with others irrespective of their age. If you wake up with pain or began to develop some pressure points then it is the time to replace the current mattress even if it is a new mattress also.

All the mattress tend to sag in sleep surface after it’s enough to use, even there is a chance of developing indentation in the places where the sleepers have a high concentration of weight. Both indentation and excessive sagging cause discomfort for the sleepers. Excessive weight loss or gain may change the feel of you the mattress because the factors like support and firmness depending on the body weight. You can even change your mattress if you are using it for a longer time and are thinking to change it with an expensive mattress or with the upgraded mattress when it is more suitable than the current mattress. It is sometimes good to change the mattress even if it not necessary. 2/3 rd of the mattress owners report high Satisfaction after replacing their older one with an expensive mattress.

Things to consider while choosing a perfect Mattress


The first thing to consider in Best Mattress Buying Guide is Size. Most of the mattress is available in six standard sizes: twin, twin xl, king, queen, double/full, and California king. They are also available in ‘split’ king, and queen and California mattress where two mattresses can be pushed together with separate or together.


Most of the mattress generally measure at least 10 inches height, though the thickness of mattress varies from less than 5 inches to more than 15 inches and the thickness of mattress gets affected with the body weight. The lighter the body prefers the shorter bed whereas for heavyweight it is better to prefer the thicker bed.


On an average, the mattress can withstand without any deterioration for 7 years before replacing it. However, the lifespan of a mattress depends on the composition of the material. The average life span of a memory foam mattress is 7 years whereas the airbed and latex mattress have above average and for hybrid and innerspring mattress have below average life span. As per Best Mattress Buying Guide, next thing to consider is Conforming ability.

Conforming ability

Some of the mattresses conform very close to the sleeper’s body which helps in aligning the spine and also prevents the pressure points from developing, while some of the mattresses offer less and no Conforming. Memory foam or latex with think comfort layers offers the best conforming.


Another thing to consider as per Best Mattress Buying Guide is Firmness. The firmness of mattress often tied with two factors: sleeper weight and sleep position. Those sleepers who sleep on their side generally prefer softer mattress firmness whereas those sleep on their back or stomach tend to be more comfortable with the medium firm. In terms of weight lighter individual requires a softer mattress in order to get pressure relief and more Conforming, whereas the heavier weight requires firmer mattress in order to prevent excessive sinkage.


Support generally refer to the bed’s ability to provide with a flat and even surface which helps to align the pelvis and spine, in order not to sink the heavier parts of the body. Initially, the mattress offers optimum support but the time goes on the support gets decreased in a mattress made up of soft and adaptive materials. Airbed, innerspring and hybrids offer better and consistent support for a longer lifespan of mattresses.

Temperature neutrality

Some people generally sleep hot regardless of their mattress choice. But some beds trap and absorb body heat. This causes the sleepers to feel warmer than usual. Foam mattresses have solid support cores due to which the sleepers feel warmest. Innerspring and hybrid are having most Temperature due to air circulation in the support core.

Edge support

Most of the mattresses are tend to sinkage at edges of the bed or people tend to sit when they get up or sit on the bed.

Noise Potential

Airbeds can handle the highest noise potential among all the types of mattress due to their electrical components and air chambers. Hybrids and inner springs can also be loud due to creaks and squeaks from the steel coils. Latex Mattress and Foam, on the other hand, which are virtually silent when bearing the weight.


All Mattress are relatively awkward/difficult and heavy to move. However, the average weight for both hybrid and latex mattresses is more than 100 pounds. Airbed Mattress, Foam, and Innerspring are very lighter by comparison.

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