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Everyone has a fixed position to sleep. Few people sleep with the support of the back and stomach. Also, there is one type of famous sleeping position next to the back and stomach sleepers. I am talking about the Side Sleepers. Your deep and good night sleep depends on the position of your body also. Presenting you the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers to provide a heavenly sleep with comfort and smoothness. In the Side Sleepers also, you can check out their way of sleeping. Few prefer right side and few of them left side.

Some people put their hand on the pillow or else on the head. Often most of the side sleepers regularly suffer from the back and neck pain because they keep the pressure on one side only. To avoid those type of problems, you need to choose the better Mattress for the Side Sleepers. You know one thing, having a good sleep means having a good health. So, the continuous sleep for 6-8 hours is essential for every human being. First of all, you need to check out the Side Sleeper Mattress Reviews for a good night sleep.

Best Mattress Side Sleepers Overview

Most of the people buy a nice bed that looks good for their bedroom but they didn’t see the quality of the Mattress. It is also necessary for them to choose the Best Type of Mattress. A mixture of quality, durability, smoothness, comfort and the longevity make a Mattress the best.  If you come home after the heavy work, you think to take rest for the refreshment and to lose your stress. It is only possible when you have a quality-oriented Bed Mattress.

Chose the no. one Mattress Side Sleeper that gives you a comfort and support together. It is very tuff work to choose the Mattress that adapts your body. Before going to buy, everyone looks for the product’s cost, quality, and its performance. If they are convincing then only they think to buy it. In this article, you can find the Top Rated Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers and their reviews.

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Leesa Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Are you the one who has a habit of side sleeping? If yes, for your better good night sleep presenting you the Mattress Side Sleepers. Do you want to know the Mattress Brand? It is none other than the Brand New Leesa Mattress for Side Sleepers. The Mattress for Side Sleepers gives a firmness, support when they are sleeping. Most of the people waste time in thinking that, is Leesa the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers. It is the only one Mattress which adapts to your body weight and sleeping style. If the Leesa Mattress’s Avena and Memory Foam combines then you will get a cool and support at the time of sleeping. Foam Mattresses are very advantageous for side sleepers. The 2 inch Avena Foam (top layer) provides a maximum airflow. Next, 2 Inch Memory Foam gives a support for your neck, back, and shoulders. Finally, the 6 Inches Foundational Layer which is the High-Density Support Foam. It is the base layer which is the support for the mattress. You can also get the Iconic Four Stripe Cover which closes all the three layers of Lessa Side Sleeper Mattress.

Leesa Mattress, Queen, Leesa Sleep

Price: $750.00
as of May 25, 2019 6:52 am  
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Current Price $750.00 May 25, 2019
Highest Price $890.00 May 18, 2019
Lowest Price $718.25 February 18, 2019
Since February 18, 2019

Last price changes

$750.00 May 25, 2019
$890.00 May 18, 2019
$845.00 February 19, 2019
$718.25 February 18, 2019

Leesa Mattress Side Sleeper Specs
Brand Leesa
Product Name Leesa Mattress, Queen
Price/ Cost 865.00 Dollars
Item Model Number M-Q-01
Product Dimensions 80 * 60 * 10 Inches
Item Weight 76 Pounds
Color Grey, White
Material Avena, Memory Foam


  • Not only for the Side Sleepers but also good for the back and stomach sleepers.
  • Mattress Leesa gives great comfort and support.
  • Great pressure relief
  • Best iconic four stripe cover to close the three-layers of Leesa.

  • Fewer chances to hold the heavy people.
  • To some extent the Leesa Mattress Price is expensive.

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Serta Icomfort Side Sleeper Mattress

Have you ever looked for the comfort giving Mattress for your good-looking bed? If not, then why don’t you try out for Serta Mattress. Serta, one of the best rated mattresses for side sleepers. The Serta Icomfort Hybrid Recognition Plush Mattress come up with its innovative and stylised design. Recognition uses two layers of Serta Pillow Soft Foam to contour curves of a body and also provide a natural level of comfort. The Serta Mattress Recognition Plush is an EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam.

The EverFeel Triple Effects helpful for the pressure relief. The Serta’s advanced Duet Elite Individually Wrapped Coil Support System gives a support to your entire body and back. The Serta Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Dimensions are 75 * 54 * 12 Inches. Also, the Serta IComfort offering a 10 year warranty period for the product. If you want to benefit in these many ways, once check out the Serta Icomfort Recognition Plush Full Mattress Reviews. Before going to purchase the product, these Serta Mattress Reviews will come in use.

Serta Icomfort Hybrid Recognition Plush Mattress Only, Full, Serta

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Current Price - May 25, 2019
Highest Price $1,492.46 December 9, 2018
Lowest Price $1,492.46 December 9, 2018
Since December 9, 2018

Last price changes

$1,492.46 December 9, 2018

Serta Icomfort Mattress Full
Brand Name Serta Icomfort
Product Name Serta Icomfort Hybrid Recognition Plush Mattress
Price $ 1,771.78
Item Model Number Recognition-Plush-Full-Matonly
Size Full
Item Weight 60 Pounds
Product Dimesions 75 * 54 * 12 Inches
Comfort Level Plush
Warranty 10 Years

  • Best Mattress and perfectly apt for the Side Sleepers.
  • Serta iComfort Mattress has 120 Days Free Trial Period.
  • Good Warranty Period ( 10 years ) for a complete product.
  • No bad odors.

  • More expensive for few members.
  • Less no.of reviews @
  • Inconsistent Firmness Levels.

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Mattress for Side Sleepers Ghostbed

Fewer Bed Mattresses produce heat due to the less- quality in them. Heat may disturb you in having the best sleep throughout the night. For a cooler and comfortable sleep, you need a GhostBed Mattress. It is one of the Best Mattresses Side Sleepers of 2019. You can check out the Ghostbed Mattress Reviews that are present in the There are many positive vibes about the Ghostbed Mattress.  It is an 11 Inch Mattress designed with a natural comfort level. The 1.5 Inch Natural Latex contours the body by giving the smoothness.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

The 2 Inches of 4 Lbs Gel Infused Memory Foam reduces the pressure. Finally, the 7.5 inches of High-Density Support Core maintains a perfect balance of support, comfort along with the durability. Ghostbed Best Mattress for Side Sleepers also includes a smooth top cover which has a zipper for easy removal.  The GhostBed Manufacturing Company tries to satisfy the Customer with its product. Ghostbed Side Sleeper Mattress has a 101 Risk-Free Sleep Trail period. All the GhostBed Mattresses are CertiPUR-US approved. Buy an environmental and eco-friendly Ghostbed Bed Mattress and experience the night sleep.

GhostBed 11-Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress, Nature's Sleep

Price: $969.95
as of May 25, 2019 6:52 am  
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Current Price $969.95 May 25, 2019
Highest Price $975.00 February 15, 2019
Lowest Price $969.95 May 15, 2019
Since February 15, 2019

Last price changes

$969.95 May 15, 2019
$975.00 February 15, 2019

Ghostbed Mattress Specs
Brand Name Ghostbed
Product Name GhostBed 11- Inch King Latex & Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress
Cost 975.00 Dollars
Item Model Number 11GBED66
Product Dimensions 80 * 76 * 11 Inches
Item Weight 95 Pounds
Color White
Mattress Material Foam
Trial Period 101 Days
Warranty 20 Years


  • Ghostbed Mattress gives a natural comfort.
  • Reduces the pressure and night movement.
  • Removable Plush Cover
  • 101 Days Risk-Free Trial Period


  • Little bit expensive
  • Only available online
  • No edge Support

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Amerisleep Side Sleeper Mattress Overview

Are you searching for the Best Side Sleeper Mattresses for your Bed? Then, the Best Amerisleep Nattress for Side Sleepers is waiting for you. Buy the Queen Size Amerisleep Liberty Mattress and enjoy a heavenly sleep every night. Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattress made in the USA by using VPF Technology. It is the 12 Inch Natural Memory Foam Mattress gives a great support for the side sleepers. First 3 Inches of Bio-Pur Memory Foam for cooling. The 2 Inch Affinity Transition Layer which acts as the middle layer. The 7 Inches is Bio- Core Sag Free Support Layer. You can also get the Celliant Infused Cover makes you stay on the Amerisleep Queen Mattress longer. As it is a Liberty Mattress, when you laid on the Bed you can observe the sinkage from 1.5-3 Inches. Of all the remaining two types of sleepers (stomach and back), the Amerisleep Best Mattress for Side Sleepers is the best option for you. In a word, the Amerisleep Queen Size Mattress is the better place to sleep for side sleepers.

(2016) Amerisleep Liberty 12" Natural Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

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Price History

Queen Size Amerisleep Mattress Liberty
Brand Amerisleep
Product Name Amerisleep 12″ Natural Memory Foam Mattress
Cost 1099.00 Dollars
Item Weight 90 Pounds
Product Dimensions 80 * 60 * 12 Inches
Foam Layers Bio-Pur Memory Foam, Affinity Transition Layer, Bio-Core Support Layer
Material Cover Celliant Infused Cover
Warranty  10 Years

  • Good Motion Transfer
  • Easy to Clean, i.e., Amerisleep Mattress is washable.
  • No odor

  • Expensive. It means the Amerisleep Queen Size Mattress Price is a little bit more.

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Sealy Optimum Mattress Side Sleepers

If you are looking for the Best Side Sleeper Mattress then the Sealy Optimum is the perfect one for you. The Sealy Optimum Mattress designed with the comfort layers and the support system. The Sealy is a 12 Inch Elite Courage Queen Mattress. First 2 Inches is OptiCool Gel Memory Foam which is helpful to remove excess heat. The Inches, OptiSense Gel Memory Foam make you feel that the Mattress and you are made for each other. There is an Exclusive CoreSupport System gives a great support to your body while sleeping. At last, the 7 Inch Proprietary Gel OptiCore gives a deep-down support. There is one beautiful feature/ quality in the Sealy Optimum Best Mattress for Side Sleepers. It is none other than the IsoFresh Scent Guard which reduces or eliminates the unnecessary foam orders. What are you waiting for? Buy the brand new and comfort giving 12 Inches Sealy Optimum Elite Courage Queen Mattress. Feel each and every minute of your night sleep on the Sealy Optimum Side Sleeper Mattress.

Sealy Optimum 12" Elite Courage Queen Mattress and Boxspring, Sealy

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Current Price - May 25, 2019
Highest Price $1,279.00 December 24, 2018
Lowest Price $1,269.00 February 7, 2019
Since December 24, 2018

Last price changes

$1,269.00 February 7, 2019
$1,279.00 December 24, 2018

Sealy Mattress Queen
Brand Sealy
Name of the Product Sealy Optimum Queen Mattress
Price 1279.00 Dollars
Item Model Number Optimum 12 Inch Elite Courage
Comfort Layers OptiCool Gel Memory Foam, OptiSense Gel Memory Foam, Proprietary Gel OptiCore
Additional Layer IsoFresh Scent Guard


  • Sealy Mattress available in several models.
  • Efficient Firmness Levels
  • Not only for Side Sleepers but also best for the Back Sleepers.


  • Little difficulty on movement
  • A problem in the durability of the Mattress Sealy Optimum.


For a comfortable and pressure relieving night sleep, you need a Best Side Sleeper Mattress. Check out the above mentioned Mattress for a Side Sleeper Reviews. At the time of purchasing a Side Sleeper Mattress, if you got any confusion refer these Mattress Reviews where you can have a list of Specs, Pros, and Cons. Get ready to close your eyes and sleep on the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers.

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