Inofia 10-inch Responsive Memory Foam Mattress – Cool Hybrid Innerspring Mattress

Inofia Twin Mattress Review 2022

Who does not want a good night sleep? Sleep is the solution to everything. Every god damn thing. If you are angry, take a nap. Are you stressing about something you cannot have control over? Take a nap. You tired and can’t find energy drinks? Take a good long nap. Sleeping it out can solve almost anything. Not only does it provides a solution to the temporary problems, good sound sleeps are so much more.

They are related to mental and physical health of a person’s body, starting right from small health issues like obesity to bigger like immune system problems to greater problems like cardiovascular diseases. And don’t even get me started on the mental issues that one faces; stress, anxiety, depression etc. etc. There is a reason why an ideal 6-8 hours of basic sleep theory has been established. People just cannot function normal if they don’t get that much of sleep. I do understand that some people, unlike others, find it difficult to achieve that good night sleep.

Reason could be anything. But that is what technology has evolved for. For your assistance in areas where you have trouble achieving your target. Here, the target being sleep, what could be the possible technology? So, presenting to you, Inofia 10 Inch Twin Mattress. Keeping it natural is probably the best you can do in this era of medicines and drugs. Here we are giving various features and specifications in our Inofia Twin Mattress Review that might help you choose you an ideal mattress.


  • Comfortable
  • Cooler top layer
  • Supportive
  • Fire-retardant barrier & Hypoallergenic covers
  • High grade inner- spring coils

1. Comfortable

These mattresses are designed to provide nothing but comfort as their primary objective. It is medium- soft in terms of hardness so you wold get the perfect mix of stiff mattress that you need. The top of the foam is high in density and provides the much needed cushioning to pressure points and as well as to internal muscle injuries.

2. Cooler top layer

The top layer is made of dual cool technology fibre which does not let the body get warm from the environment as well as releases the heat of the body providing a much cooler surface to sleep on. The Inofia Single Mattress, Hybrid Innerspring Twin Mattress is covered with a net cloth with helps to dissipate heat.

3. Supportive

Some people just cannot adjust to any soft mattress. They need the perfect combination of hard- soft mattress. Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress is such that it provides the perfect cushion to the spine conforming to it and at the same time ensuring that the body does not sink into it.

4. Fire-retardant barrier & Hypoallergenic covers

The fabric is of fire retardant material which at least has you assured that god forbid if something happens, the mattress will not be completely destroyed, let alone adding to the fire.

If you are sensitive to dusts, pollen or weather changes and catch easy allergies, this is where you can rest easy. The cover is hypoallergenic to all of the possible things you can be allergic from.

5. High grade inner- spring coils

The interior of this Inofia 10 Inch Mattress is made of carbon steel to ensure rust- resistant and a long durable life of the mattress.

Covered in a breathable knitted fabric: The fabric of the mattress being already praised, is knitted ( I mean can you imagine!) and breathable.



  • Manufacturer : Inofia
  • Item model number : LT-10H-TW
  • Size : Twin
  • Product Dimensions : 80 x 39 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight : 50.7 pounds
  • Warranty : 10-Year Limited Warranty


Since this Inofia Single Mattress, Hybrid Innerspring Twin Mattress comes in a box, the package contains three items- the Inofia Twin Mattress 10 inch, the mattress unpacker and the warranty card. It is compressed and has to be unpacked by following simple easy steps, which are-

Step 1– Open the box carefully.

Step 2– Take out the mattress and while keeping it wrapped, roll it down the bed frame, fitting to it.

Step 3– And now being extra careful, use the mattress unpacker to carefully cut the plastic. Be careful not to cut down the mattress foam.

Step 4– Unroll your mattress and be sure to take care of your head as it pops open and you may be hurt.

Step 5– The mattress would require 72 hours to regain its shape and then you can settle in.



The Inofia mattresses have good reviews from the customers end. The customers have claimed that they have been really comfortable on inofia mattresses.


The Inofia mattresses do come in Queen size.


The Inofia twin mattress can be used on an adjustable frame.


I guess this is a whole lot of information one would need to consider before buying a best mattress. This Inofia Hybrid Innerspring Mattress is what you would need to get a good comfortable sound sleep. I mean why compromise anything for sleep? It is a priority for me and should be for everyone. Not being able to sleep sucks. It literally sucks. And not to mention, the dark spots and eye bags notches down your personality a bit.

Why would one even bother getting into this trouble when everything is at our ease disposal? This Inofia 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress not only lets you have a peaceful sleep, but also provides the cushions your body needs when exhausted of a long day work. So every day when you wake up, you wake up fresh without dragging those drowsy eyes from the day earlier. Get the change and peace you wanted in your life through your sleep by getting this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress home.

Twin Mattress Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress image

With Inofia Responsive Memory Foam Mattress now there is no need to sleep hot. It won’t let you sink in. The top cover of this Best Inofia Sleeping Mattress is very soft and skin friendly. Overall, this mattress regulates body temperature and gives you the good night sleep. Read Inofia Mattress Reviews above clearly and check out the price and get one now!


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