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Tuft and Needle Twin 10 Inch Mattress Review 2021

Tuft and Needle adaptive foam mattress initiated in the year 2012 and since then it has become an eminent and the most popular brands in the industry. Tuft and Needle twin mattress got a tremendous name in the bed business because it presented all-foam beds at a low budget sealed in a closed box delivered directly to the customer. This Tuft Needle 10 inch twin mattress is finished with many types of proprietary foams and different sizes are available from twin size to king size.

Tuft and Needle 10-inch mattress foam layers give both pressure relief and support for all the users irrespective their shape and weight. This Tuft and Needle twin 10 inch mattresses are designed in two plain layers: 7” made of support foam under 3” made of proprietary adaptive foam. T&N adaptive foam mattress measure 10 inches thickness and it is considered as a medium form. The cover for Tuft and Needle mattress are a wicked combination of both rayon and polyester. Check complete Tuft And Needle Twin 10 Inch Mattress Review below before considering it.


  • Adaptive foam
  • Upgraded quality
  • Supportive base layer
  • Ideal support
  • Comfort
  • Cover, Motion isolation & Edge support
  • Heat retention, Off-gassing & Durability

1. Adaptive foam

Tuft & Needle 10 inch mattress is made with newly prepared T&N adaptive foam, this gives a bubbly yet supportive and pressure relief feel and is perfect for sleeping in all positions. This type of foam even compresses as much as possible and fits into the tiny box which is ready for shipping. T&N adaptive foam captures all the good benefits of latex and memory foam mattress whereas the negative features are left behind.

2. Upgraded quality

The foam which is used in T & N Adaptive Foam Mattress is high-grade quality foam and is more advanced when compared to obsolete materials like memory foam and latex which make you feel stuck and sick and you even experience “sleep hot” feel. But the Tuft and Needle mattress reviews from users show that the adaptive foam gives good feel, sleeps cool, and it is just the exact merge of “not very hard”, and “not very soft”, and provides immense pressure relief for sleepers with restricted bounce so that there won’t be any disturbance to the sleeping partner.

3. Supportive base layer

tuft and needle twin mattress custom linked with an upgraded support layer that has a high quality so it gives the foam perfect base which provides great support to the sleepers. With the 3” support layer sleeper feels very relaxed and pressure relief. This supportive layer is unique because the more pressure you apply, you more support you get back.

4. Ideal support

As mentioned in t&n mattress reviews, this one come with adaptive foam which is perfect for sleepers with any weight and size and this way T&N mattress foam is unique from other mattresses. The more pressure you apply, get more support in return. T&N mattress has many characteristics such as:

1. Heat wicking: Fthe sleeper to feel comfortable and cool, the material of this mattress absorbs heat.
2. Breathability: With the help of mattress fabric, air flows into the foam cells to improve the heat transfer speed throughout the mattress.
3. No further quicksand: The support layer of this tuft and needle flip mattressholds the sleeper close to the surface in order to prevent dipping too much into the mattress foam.
4. Few layers: T&N mattress use only two layers with high-quality instead of too many layers.

5. Comfort

To provide comfort zone, this mattress is made of 7” high-density and high -quality support core which assists in keeping the body and spine aligned. The comfort layer is designed depending on user feedback. In the comfort layer, there is a crumb of cooling gel that helps in preventing heat to get trapped into the foam.

6. Cover, Motion isolation & Edge support

A simple and high resilient fabric cover which is prepared with the combination of nylon and polyester. Like other mattresses T&N mattress also entrap and cut off motion, as the motion is entrapped, it won’t travel towards the mattress and disturb the sleep of another person.

Pathetic edge support is the general problem of foam bed but the T&N mattress is unaffected. As the foam mattress doesn’t have a reinforced border, it is a regular experience that the edges of the mattress go down. The tuft and needle twin mattress dimensions are 39″x75″x10″ it is perfect for your bed.

7. Heat retention, Off-gassing & Durability

The heat-wicking feature in the T&N mattress present on the top layer helps in maintaining the bed more breathable. Off-gassing is the momentary smell that comes when the squashed mattress is first taken out of the packing. This is very general with every mattress in a box and later on, after a few hours, the smell dissipates. A little off-gassing is also estimated with this adaptive bed, but it is negligible nothing extreme.

Tuft and Needle twin 10 inches mattress reviews have shown that T&N mattress has the highest track records. Adaptive foam provides high quality and durability to the mattress. As this tuft and needle mattress weight is just 44 poubds you can easily move it without hassels.



  • Manufacturer : Fosbrooke, Inc. (dba Tuft & Needle)
  • Item model number : MAT-TN-01-T
  • Size : Twin
  • Sleep trail : 100 days
  • Thickness : 10 inches
  • Product dimensions : 75 x 39 x 10 inches
  • Item weight : 44 pounds
  • Warranty : 10 years

Who can sleep well on Tuft and Needle mattress?

Picking the correct bed is always your personal decision. Always prefer a bed based on your own preferences, body weight and its type, sleeping position, and other health situations. By considering the customer positive response on the T&N mattress:All over the board, Tuft and Needle adaptive mattress has received optimistic marks, from the sleepers with differing sleeping positions and their body type.

People with beyond average weight who always rest on their belly and sleepers with beneath the average weight who always rest on their sides remarked the mattress as less fair. These people may find that the mattress is too firm to them. Excluding these sleepers, all others were satisfied with the comfort zone of the T&N mattress.



The Tuft and Needle twin bed mattress costs about $35000.


The Tuft and Needle mattresses are excellent with their exceptional quality.


The Tuft and Needle mattresses are better when compared to Casper.


The Tuft and Needle mattress can be flipped over and this is even advisable for the best comfort while sleeping.


Hope the information provided in this best Tuft & Needle Mattress Review helped you to choose the best one. Tuft and Needle twin 10-inch mattress are constructed with two layers that feature comfort and support layers, designed to be conventional closely without extremely submerge which are commonly seen in some other foam mattress. It gives support, pressure relief, and great motion isolation at affordable prices. Overall it is recommended for people who are back sleepers and like a firmer bed without any motion transfer so that the other person sleeps with no disturbance.

Tuft   Needle Twin Mattress Bed in a Box T N Adaptive Foam image

Tuft and Needle Twin Bed Mattress comes with advanced foam that avoids hot sleep and sinking in and stuck in problems as well. Its adaptive foam offers a comfortable sleep and you can have cool night without any sinking or stuck problems. Overall, as it supports all the sleeping positions, I recommend the one who wants a best memory foam mattress to try this one.


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