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Types of Mattress: Every day you keep on spending through the countless mattress review sites which give you confusion and frustration. Where the old mattress on each you spent your time every night has turned and tossing, desperately you are trying to figure out which new mattress is the best one.

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It is not so easy to determine which is best for someone which is strictly based on their personal experience. There are many numbers of mattresses types available in the market, and in order to owe it to yourself know the differences of all the types of mattress that offers for what you are looking for.

Different Types of Mattress

Generally, there are eight different types of mattress available in that market. Select the one which suits your requirement and you get satisfied with that particular type of mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that has great comfort and support and especially for a side sleeper then memory foam mattress is a great choice. Memory foam is famous because the way it slowly conforms to the body as you sleep. When one sleeps on their side, it provides hip and shoulder support that you need. This type of mattress contours to your body which helps you to feel like partially surrounded by mattress while supporting.

One more benefit of a memory foam mattress is that they contain much number of layers of foam which helps to reduce the tendency to sag in the middle and also eliminates the mattress to flip routinely. If you like the feeling of sinking onto your bed, and cradle to sleep then memory foam mattress may be that type for what you are looking in the market. Memory foam mattress is generally intended with safety measures. It has the ability to effectively distribute the body weight in response to pressure and heat, it also provides added support which is necessary during high impact collision. Memory foam mattress has many benefits and features such as it gives high-level pressure relief, helps in proper spine alignment, helps in pain relief and prevention also, low motion transfer, it reduces dust mites and any allergies.

Gel Mattress

Unlike Types of Mattress, in this type of mattresses generally, the gel is added to a foam mattress in the upholstery layer or in the support system. It has a little different feel when compared to memory foam mattress so it is to test it out and then decide which type of feel you prefer. This type of mattresses dissipates the heat from the body very effectively, so smart gel may help you if you do not like some of the foam mattresses that absorb body heat. The gel is made up of synthetic material which is more breathable than memory foam. This type of mattresses is popular because of their breathability and comfort.

The gel-infused mattress is cooler to sleep because they have the ability to enhance the circulation of air which helps the body heat to escape rather than binding it inside the mattress. This mattress spring back to the normal shape when pressure is removed from that means it molds it shapes around the bodies faster and if you have moved a lot in sleep then it won’t stay compressed even if you move off instead it shape itself around your body where you move. This type of mattress provides more comfortable and reduces the stuck feeling where people complain in regular foam mattress.

Pillow Tops

Side sleepers who don’t prefer to choose gel or memory foam mattress may love to have pillow top mattress or mattress with “pillow Topper “. This is basically an additional layer of support or upholstery where you can add on top of the mattress. They are cushiony and very soft which allows a similar feeling of sinking as memory foam and allows your hip and shoulder to sink into the pillow Topper which keeps your back in more comfort alignment. In pillow top, you can choose the level of softness and they are generally used with coil or innerspring mattress. It has many pros and cons they are.


  • It has a cooling property
  • Keeps its shape
  • Washable
  • Quick bounce back
  • Comfortable fiberfill layer


  • High price
  • Slight odor
  • Maybe very soft to some people.


Water bed mattress use water as the initial support system which is suitable for back sleepers. It consists of a rectangular chamber of water that is attached with upholstery material such as fiber or foam.  The water is stored in limited flow wave or in the free flow chamber. Generally, in free flow, the flow of water is not getting obstructed while coming from one end to another end of the mattress. Whereas in waveless waterbed fibers limit the movement of water. It depends on your choice the amount of flexibility or support you prefer.

Pros and cons of Waterbeds:

It is important to have a look at the pros and cons:


  • It contains barriers which can adjust the wave action to partial, full or even no wave which helps to encourage the individual back health.
  • It sometimes offers two types of settings in order to maintain the ability for individually adjusting the settings such as firmness and temperature.
  • Helps to make your back much limber.


  • More chances of puncture and leakage of water.
  • Tiresome setup
  • It is difficult in moving from one place to another even a small distance because of reassembling, disassemble and refill each and every time the bed is transported.
  • Maintaining the proper heat levels will show an adverse impact on the monthly electric bill.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattress consists and uses latex foam instead of memory foam.  This mattress is made from natural material whereas most of the memory mattress made from synthetic materials. Latex offers levels of firmness and plushness in order to accommodate back, side and tummy sleepers. Compared to memory foam, latex foam has less dense and less heating. There are two different processes involved in manufacturing that is applied in the creation of all the latex products which results in different qualities.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable base mattresses area most flexible types of mattress offer support and relief whenever you require it. You can be able to adjust the base to raise your feet, to elevate your head, or provides more back support. They are preferable to the rescue the sleep-related problems such as back pain, muscle aches, heartburn, acid reflux, sleep apnea and many more. You can have control to make some necessary changes in order to full fill your every need. Adjustable beds are versatile that they are not only available with box springs but also have adjustable bases to offer you with more customization.  They are generally very costly and can be loud also.

Air Mattress

Now check about another best mattress among all Types of Mattress i.e., Air Mattress. Like water bed, air bed mattress also uses a chamber filled with air as primary support. The air chamber has creeped with fiber upholstery or foam. The air chamber is very adjustable which allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Some of the brands allow you to adjust on each side of mattress separately. Air mattress is good for back sleepers and couples who prefer different firmness as they need. In this type sagging is not a big issue. It has the ability to manipulate the firmness which helps to alleviate the pain effectively. For more information, keep visiting our Best Cheap Mattresses portal frequently.

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